“Gifts for the Remedy of the Soul” and Kings’ “Friendly Greetings”: Some English Charters of the 7th–11th Centuries (Texts, Translations, Comments)


Olga A. Kabitova

Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration

Denis V. Sukhino-Khomenko

University of Gothenburg (Sweden)


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For citation: Kabitova, Olga A., Sukhino-Khomenko, Denis V. “Gifts for the Remedy of the Soul” and Kings’ “Friendly Greetings”: Some English Charters of the 7th–11th Centuries (Texts, Translations, Comments) // Graphosphaera. 2022. Vol. 1. № 1. P. 287–325. URL: http://writing.igh.ru/index.php?id=2022-2-1-287-325 

DOI: 10.32608/2782-5272-2022-2-1-287-325

Abstract: The present publication is a collection of selected texts (five Latin and one Old English) and Russian translations (made for the first time) of six Anglo-Saxon acta of the 7th-11th centuries: four royal diplomas (S 8, 44, 92, 447), one decree of an ecclesiastical synod (S 1434), and one royal writ (S 1088). The text and the translation of each document is preceded by a short legend, informantion about the archive in which the document has been preserved, its manuscripts and publications, a brief overview of the document’s historical significance as well as a commentary concerning language, terminology, realities, and personalia. The facsimiles of the documents extant in single-sheet parchment originals are included (published by kind permission of the Council of the British Library). The publication aims to illustrate the diversity of English pre-Norman acta and can be regarded as a supplement to the overview of history and historiogpraphy of Anglo-Saxon royal acta (by D. V. Sukhino-Khomenko and T. V. Guimon) pulished in the present issue.


Key words: England, Middle Ages, Anglo-Saxons, charters, diplomas, writs, diplomatic


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Published on  December 12th, 2023