The second issue of the second volume is published

The second issue of the second volume of Graphosphaera (2022. Том 2. № 2) is now published. The issue comprises: a fundamental study of Georgian coins of the ‘long 12th century’ (by Alexander V. Akopyan); a study of the badges of the Spanish New World’s royalists coins of the early 19th century (by Kirill Elochin); a study of the palaeography and the process of writing of the Icelandic 17th-century manuscript AM 107 fol (by Elena Litovskikh and Ivan Reyer); three studies of Old Rus 12th-century written texts (of the text-witnesses of the Rus Primary Chronicle, by Anton Vvedensky, of the annals of Pereyaslavl-upon-Dnieper, by Timofey Guimon, and of the palaeography of the Mstislav Charter, by Lyubov Stolyarova); a study of symbolic ornamental compositions on 20th-century rural houses in the Ryazan Region, Russia, by Aleksandr Gavrilov); a commented Russian translation and study of the Merovingian collection of diplomatic letters known as Epistulae Austrasicae 25–39 (by Yulia Vershinina).

Published on  December 6th, 2022