2023. Vol. 3 (2)


Editor of the issue Мarina А. Kurysheva

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This issue is dedicated to the centenary of the famous scholar at Byzantine studies Alexander Petrovich Kazhdan (03.09.1922–29.05.1997), who was a researcher at the Institute of World History of the Russian Academy of Sciences until his emigration. The issue contains 15 works reflecting the main interests of the scholar – historiography and hagiography of Byzantium, Armenia and Russia; written and ritual-religious practices of the Byzantines; Greek and Armenian manuscripts; artefacts of Eastern Christian culture. Special mention should be made of the memoirs of the leading specialists at Byzantine studies Simon D. Franklin and Mikhail V. Bibikov about their mentor and senior colleague. The chronology of the works covers a wide period from the 6th to the 16th century, i. e. the history of the Byzantine (East Roman) Empire and its cultural heritage of the Byzance après Byzance period. The issue will be of interest and use not only to specialists in Byzantine history, but also to researchers dealing with late antique and medieval literary and writing practices.






Published on  November 28th, 2023